Aprilaire Freezer MCFB 2020 User Manual

MFB-0920 –20OC Manual Defrost Freezer (Upright)  
MFB-2020 –20OC Manual Defrost Freezer (Upright)  
MFB-2920 –20OC Manual Defrost Freezer (Upright)  
MFB-2030 –30OC Manual Defrost Freezer (Upright)  
MCFB-2020 –20OC Manual Defrost Freezer (Chest)  
How to operate and care for your appliance and how to get the best, as well as the  
lowest cost, performance.  
Note to Customer:  
This merchandise was carefully packed and thoroughly inspected before leaving our plant. Responsibility  
for its safe delivery was assumed by the carrier, upon acceptance of the shipment. As directed on the  
side of your packing carton, claims for loss or damage sustained in transit must be made on the carrier as  
A.) Exterior Damage: Make thorough damage notation on your delivery receipt and have driver  
acknowledge by signature and date. Send a written request asking for an inspection report from  
carrier. Include the name of carrier representative and the date the inspection was requested. Retain  
inspection report and receipt for filing of a claim.  
B.) Concealed Damage: This must be reported to carrier within fifteen days. Obtain inspection report  
from the carrier. Retain the inspection report for filing of the claim. DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED  
Lab Research Products  
125 Varnfield Drive  
Summerville, SC 29483  
Phone: 800-648-4041  
Two-Year Parts and Labor  
5 Years Compressor Parts  
Revision Date  
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Cubic Feet  
Defrost Shelves/Drawers  
6 Fixed w/Door  
or Drawer  
-20° (MFB/MCFB-2020)  
-30° (MFB/MCFB-2030)  
4 Fixed  
(n/a for MCFB)  
4 Fixed  
A. LRP ships by carriers that we have used for many years and have selected for their good service,  
but accidents in shipping occur regardless of how much care is taken. Therefore the following is  
very important:  
B. Inspect unit at once for any shipping damage, including concealed damage.  
C. You should check for any shipping damage immediately, preferably before the carrier leaves  
your receiving dock, as nearly all shipments are FOB ship point.  
D. If there is any damage, note it on the carrier's receiving documents and notify the office of the  
carrier immediately.  
E. The responsibility of the shipper and the delivering carrier ends five days after goods are received.  
It becomes the responsibility of YOU, the customer, to unpack the unit and check for concealed  
damage caused during shipping. Immediate attention should be given to this.  
F. Retain all packing materials if damage is found.  
LOCATION – This unit requires a minimum of 4 inches of air flow in back and 1 to 2 inches on the sides  
and top. Leveling legs are required in front only. Unit may have a slight tilt from front to back after  
legs are installed. This is acceptable and is recommended on this unit.  
POWER SOURCE – The supply circuit to this cabinet must conform to all National and Local Electrical  
Codes. Consult the cabinet Serial-Data plate for voltage, cycle, phase, and ampere requirements  
before making connection. VOLTAGE SHOULD NOT VARY MORE THAN 5% FROM SERIAL  
PLATE RATINGS. A separate circuit is recommended to prevent possible loss of product due to  
over-loading or failure of other equipment on the same circuit. PROTECT THE CIRCUIT WITH A 20  
STARTING – There are no compressor shipping bolts to loosen or valves to open. All that is necessary  
after the freezer has been properly leveled is to plug the service cord into an electrical outlet. Do not  
use an extension cord. Be sure your freezer is properly grounded. Use the 3-prong plug provided  
into a 3-prong grounded outlet. (Only this method complies with national electrical codes, local  
codes and ordinances.) Unless the above grounding method is followed, you are not protected  
against severe or lethal shock in the event of a short circuit of an electrical component or wiring of the  
freezer. When starting this new appliance, allow the cabinet to operate a minimum of three hours or  
until it has started cycling normally before placing product in the cabinet. The motor compressor may  
start and stop several times when the unit is first started or after defrosting, especially if the weather  
is very hot. This is only normal functioning of the motor overload protector. The motor compressor  
will cycle normally as soon as the excess heat has been removed.  
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AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL – The control is pre-set to maintain the ideal  
temperature of this appliance. If necessary, temperature can be adjusted using minimal increments.  
MFB-0920: The temperature control is located in the “hood” directly above the door  
MFB-2020: The temperature control is located on right side wall inside cabinet  
MFB-2920: The temperature control is located behind the louvered grill at the bottom of unit  
MFB-2030: The digital temperature control is factory preset and is not adjustable  
A. DEFROSTING-This is a manual defrost system. If ice build up is present ¼ inch or more on the  
fixed shelves, defrosting is recommended. Large ice build-up will reduce cooling efficiency.  
1. Cabinet Exterior – Wash with a mild soap and water solution. Rinse with clear water and dry.  
2. Cabinet Interior – Wash with 2 tbls. of baking soda and 1 qt. warm water solution or mild soap.  
The compressor is hermetically sealed and will require no attention. The condenser is located  
between the inside and outside walls of the freezer and also requires no attention. Its natural heat  
keeps the exterior free of moisture; because of this, the outside may feel warm to the touch. This  
condition entirely normal.  
In the event this freezer does not operate properly, check the following before calling the service man:  
1. Is there adequate air circulation around the unit and in the room?  
2. Is electrical power reaching the unit? (Check for blown fuse or “tripped” breaker.)  
3. Is service cord connected to outlet?  
4. Is door closed tightly?  
If this does not correct the problem, contact a competent service technician.  
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Lab Research Products PRODUCT WARRANTY  
Lab Research Products warrants to the original purchaser every new Lab Research Products  
refrigerated unit, the cabinet and all parts thereof, to be free from defects in material or workmanship,  
under normal use and service, for a period of two (2) years. The warranty period starts two weeks from  
the date of shipment from Lab Research Products. This two-week period allows ample shipping time so  
that the warranty will go into effect at approximately the same time your equipment is delivered. Unless  
subject to prior written agreement with Lab Research Products, this warranty does not allow for any  
warranty start deferment greater than two weeks from date of shipment due to a delayed installation  
and/or start-up.  
Under this warranty, Lab Research Products, through its authorized service organizations, will repair, or  
at its option, replace any part found to contain a manufacturing defect in material or workmanship without  
charge to the owner for parts, service labor or any shipping or cartage costs. Replacement or repaired  
parts will be warranted for only the unexpired portion of the original warranty.  
In addition to the two (2) year warranty stated above, Lab Research Products warrants its hermetically  
and semi-hermetically sealed compressors to be free from defects in both material and workmanship  
under normal use and service for a period of three (3) additional years from the end of the initial two (2)  
year warranty period, but not to exceed five (5) years after shipment from Lab Research Products.  
Compressors determined by Lab Research Products to have been defective within this extended time  
period will, at Lab Research Products' option, be either repaired or replaced with a compressor or  
compressor parts of similar design and capacity.  
The three (3) year extended compressor warranty applies only to hermetically and semi-hermetically  
sealed parts of the compressor and does not apply to any other parts or components, including, but not  
limited to, cabinet, paint finish, temperature control, refrigerant, metering device, driers, motor starting  
equipment, fan assembly or any other electrical components.  
Lab Research Products' sole obligation under this warranty is limited to either repair or replacement of  
parts, subject to the additional limitations below. This warranty neither assumes nor authorizes any  
person to assume obligations other than expressly covered by this warranty.  
NO CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Lab Research Products is not responsible for economic loss; profit  
loss; or special, indirect or consequential damages, including without limitation, losses or damages arising  
from contents spoilage claims whether or not on account of refrigeration failure.  
WARRANTY IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. This warranty is not assignable and applies only in favor of the  
original purchaser/user to whom delivered. Any such assignment or transfer shall void the warranties  
herein made and shall void all warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or  
fitness for a particular purpose.  
There are no other warranties, express, implied, or statutory, except the two (2) year warranty and the  
additional three (3) year compressor warranty as described above. These warranties are exclusive and in  
lieu of all other warranties, including implied warranty and merchantability or fitness for a particular  
purpose. There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.  
Lab Research Products is not responsible for the repair or replacement of any parts that Lab Research  
Products determines have been subjected after the date of manufacture to alteration, neglect, abuse,  
misuse, accident, damage during transit or installation, fire, flood or other external causes. It does not  
apply to defects resulting from failure to properly install, operate or maintain the product in accordance  
with the printed instructions provided, or damage caused by the storage of any corrosive material that  
comes in contact with the interior or exterior portions of the cabinet, or the use of spark producing  
equipment or containers (such as galvanized or carbonized steel containers) that come in contact with  
any interior portion of the cabinet.  
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TRANSPORTATION COSTS. Lab Research Products will accept parts covered under this warranty  
freight collect, provided that shipment has received prior approval.  
OUTSIDE U.S./CANADA. This warranty does not apply to, and Lab Research Products is not  
responsible for, any warranty claims made on products sold or used outside the United States and  
WARRANTY CLAIMS. To obtain prompt warranty service, simply contact Lab Research Products at  
800-648-4041. Lab Research Products' shipping records showing date of shipment shall be conclusive  
in establishing the warranty period. All claims should include: model number of the refrigerator, the serial  
number of the cabinet, proof of purchase, date of installation, and all pertinent information supporting the  
existence of the alleged defect. Any action or breach of these warranty provisions must be commenced  
within one (1) year after that cause of action has accrued.  
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This section pertains to -30°C FREEZER ONLY  
This freezer has been factory set to run at -30°C. The external thermostat may require  
adjustment depending on the final ambient operating condition. The freezer has  
reserve range and can operate to -35°C, depending on load and ambient  
temperature. Plug into a standard 110-120 volt electrical outlet. The unit will start to  
operate. It will require 5 amps. The freezer's operation will be extremely quiet due to  
the unique design of the compressor system.  
As with the –20 models, pre-cool unit before placing any product into the chamber. The  
temperature will reach -30°C in less than four hours; however, let the chamber cool for 8  
hours minimum to allow for total heat removal from the cabinet.  
Again, this is a manual defrost system. If ice build up is present ¼ inch or more on the  
fixed shelves, defrosting is recommended. Large ice build up will reduce cooling  
If this system is equipped with a temperature display or alarm system it is not  
uncommon to observe a rise in temperature on the display following a door opening.  
Unless the door is left open for long periods of time this should not affect product  
temperature. The temperature display is independent of the thermostat that is actually  
controlling the off/on cycling of the compressor. Door opening will greatly affect air  
temperature but generally does not affect product temperature.  
ETC Single Stage Electronic Temperature  
(-30 Models Only)  
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)  
The LCD display provides a constant readout of the sensor temperature and indicates if the output rely is  
energized. When the S1 annunciator is constantly illuminated during operation, the relay is energized.  
The display is also used in conjunction with the keypad to allow the user to adjust the setpoint  
temperature, differential and heating/cooling modes.  
Control Setup  
The temperature setpoint refers to the temperature at which the normally open (NO) contacts of the  
output relay will open. Determine the load(s) to be controlled and the operating mode required, cooling or  
When the cooling mode is chosen, the differential is above the setpoint. The relay will de-energize  
as the temperature falls to the setpoint.  
When the heating mode is chosen, the differential is below the setpoint. The relay will de-energize as  
the temperature rises to the setpoint.  
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Programming Steps and Display  
The ETC can be programmed in four simple steps using the LCD display and the three keys on the face  
of the control.  
Step 1 -  
Step 2 -  
Step 3 -  
Step 4 -  
To start programming, press the SET key once to access the Fahrenheit/Celsius  
mode. The display will show the current status, either F for degrees Fahrenheit or  
C for degrees Celsius. Then press either the up or down arrow key to toggle  
between the F or C designation  
Press the SET key again to access the setpoint. The LCD will display the current  
setpoint and the S1 annunciator will be blinking on and off to indicate that the  
control is in the setpoint mode. Then press either the up key to increase or the  
down key to decrease the differential to the desired temperature.  
Press the SET key again to access the differential. The LCD will display the  
current differential and the DIF1 annunciator will be blinking on and off to indicate  
that the control is in the differential mode. Then press either the up or the down  
key to decrease the differential to the desired setting.  
Press the SET key again to access the cooling or heating mode. The LCD will  
display the current mode, either C1 for cooling or H1 for heating. Then either  
press the up or down key to toggle between the C1 or H1 designation. Press  
the SET key once more and programming is complete.  
Note: The ETC will automatically end programming if no keys are depressed for a period of thirty  
seconds. Any settings that have been input to the control will be accepted at that point.  
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